Aluminum Roof Tower, 6m Height

Blackhawk Aluminum Roof Tower

6 metre height

Part Number: MAS-BH-00005

Aluminum lattice tower climbable roof mounted sector base station

Blackhawk Roof Tower

Introducing the Blackhawk range of roof towers. To help our valued network of Australia-wide installers, we've introduced a range of lightweight, easy to erect roof towers to ensure your team has the hardware to keep up with technology's rapid pace.

Aluminium roof towers are nothing short of a revolution for the wireless industry. Traditionally, installing professional wireless infrastructure was simply not cost effective - steel roof towers were simply too heavy, or too costly to bring in overhead cranes. Blackhawk's roof towers can be raised by hand, section by section, with towers available to heights of 15m and higher. A wide range of optional head frames and sector mounts (pictured) are available, along with a torque arm (also pictured) for extra stability. Get in touch with our design team today.

Price on application for bulk orders. Shipping by road freight is included, delivery can take up to 5 working days.



  • Ultra lightweight fully engineered design
  • Perfect for Wireless ISPs
  • 3 to 15 m tower heights available
  • 210 mm wide body
  • 3100 mm section lengths
  • Low maintenance aluminium construction



Optional torque arm available aluminum lattice tower

With the exploding demand for wireless point to multipoint services, WISP's have been under increasing pressure to maximise site and spectrum utilisation. Often the challenge faced is reaching the largest number of clients with a limited vantage point from the fibre POP - traditionally tall 'telomasts' have been used but are unsuitable for multiple sector antennas and most certainly unsuitable for high gain dishes. Blackhawk met the challenge with an ultra lightweight, climbable, aluminium lattice tower that could be easily raised on a roof with a small team.

These roof lattice towers consist of a large rotatable base plate, modular 3.1 metre lattice sections, guy wires, and your choice of headframe. The 3.1 m sections are easily stacked meaning roof towers can be built as small as 3.1 metres with full structural engineering certification up to 15 metres. Blackhawk's aluminium lattice tower features three upright columns made from 42x3 round tube with 25x3 round tube lattice welded in between by certified boom welders, providing incredible strength while retaining a lightweight design that can support your technician to climb the height.

Headframes are available to support a range of telecommunications configurations from standard ABAB/ABCABC multipoint, to a full LTE eNodeB.




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