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Aluminum Roof Tower, 6m Height

Introducing the Blackhawk range of roof towers. To help our valued network of Australia-wide installers, we've introduced a range of lightweight, easy to erect roof towers to ensure your team has the hardware to keep up with technology's rapid pace.
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Portable Telescopic Pole, 5m Extended Height

The Blackhawk portable telescopic pole is a perfect way to instantly achieve great communications anywhere. Constructed from light weight anodised aluminium, the telescopic sections are modular by design, meaning we can provide 7 metre, 9 metre, and higher designs.
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Portable Telescopic Tripod, 5m Extended Height

If you've ever set up event WiFi you know how getting height quickly can be a pain! The Blackhawk portable tripod is a perfect way to instantly achieve great communications anywhere. We can even supply a backpack portable version to get comms anywhere you can go.
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Blackhawk Yagi Wideband LPDA Antenna

Blackhawk Yagi Wideband LPDA Antenna Wideband 700-2700 MHz, 10 - 11 dBi Part Number: ANT-BH-YG-WIDE-10 The Blackhawk wideband antenna is a fantastic little antenna providing good performance with a lightweight, low cost design. There's plenty of situations where a big, solid metal antenna is necessary, but also plenty where something quick and small can be…
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Blackhawk Trucker Mini Antenna

The Blackhawk Trucker Mini is the last in the series of Trucker antennas with complimentary sizes for all applications. This antenna can operate on any network in Australia, with the flexibility to be roof mounted, gutter or mirror mounted.
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