Collared Roof Mast, 2m, 75mm diameter

Blackhawk Collared Roof Mast

2 metre, 75mm diameter

Part Number: MAS-BH-00003

Collared Roof Mast, 2m, 75mm diameter

Blackhawk 2m Ultra Heavy Duty Roof Mast

Introducing the Blackhawk range of roof masts. To help our valued network of Australia-wide installers, we've introduced a range of heavy duty roof masts to complement the standard types that you're using on your jobs. Blackhawk's range of masts are ultra heavy duty and built tough for the Australian environment.

75mm collared roof masts come into play when you need to install point to point or microwave transmission antennas, where uptime is essential no matter the weather. Simply put, you can't install a 3ft dish on a standard roof mast and expect the link to stay inline over the course of time. If your clients demand the best, demand a Blackhawk mast.

Price on application for bulk orders. Shipping by road freight is included, delivery can take up to 5 working days.



  • Designed for microwave and PTP transmission
  • Fully engineered for minimal az/el deflection
  • Galvanised 75 mm (OD) pole, 2 m height
  • Collared design with 5 mm thick foot plate
  • High tensile 12 mm U-bolts included



Heavy Duty Galvanised Roof Mount

High frequency microwave transmission requires extremely strict tolerances with respect to deflection and rotation, accordingly standard 30 and 50 mm typically are not suitable particularly for >6 GHz links. 75 mm roof masts are quickly becoming an industry standard minimum, used by just about all major microwave integrators across the globe.

Collared Roof Mast 75mm diameterThe collared design incorporates a sliding U-bolt design allowing stay bars to be attached to the centre mast without invalidating the engineering certification by drilling new holes to vary the stay bar pitch angle. This design is safe, fast, and heavy duty, and is available in a range of different heights. The footplate has a hinged design allowing pitch compensation for standard corrugated iron and tin roofs.



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