Omni Marine High Gain

Blackhawk Omni Marine High Gain Antenna

Wideband 700-2700 MHz, 7-10 dBi

Part Number: BH-OM-201M

Mobile phone marine antenna for Telstra Optus Vodafone

The Blackhawk Omni Marine Antenna is designed for versatility, for use in a variety of environments, in low to high signal areas and mounted in a marine environment

The Blackhawk Omni Marine Antenna will operate with all mobile carriers across Australia, New Zealand and Internationally within the wide band frequency ranges 698-960 and 1710-2700 MHz.

With a high 7 - 10 dBi gain and supporting all bands, this antenna will provide the perfect solution for voice and data applications where high gain marine antennas are required.

The antennas do not require a level mounting surface and are supplied with your choice of suitable marine antenna mount (rail mount, PVC deck mount, stainless steel deck mount) which allows the antenna to be mounted vertically regardless of the mounting surface used. All mounts allow the marine antennas to be laid down when not in use.

The Blackhawk Omni Marine Antenna offers superior performance, maximum range and reliability - it is perfect for fixed wireless terminals, mobile broadband internet applications and smart repeater applications to improve mobile signal coverage.


  • Suitable for all 3G/4G/4GX bandwidths across all mobile carriers
  • Comes with base marine mount choice of rail/deck/stainless steel deck
  • N Female connector
  • Optional LMR400/LMR240 low loss cable lengths available to minimise connection and cable losses
  • Ruggedised construction built especially for the harsh marine environment
  • Suitable for marine, caravans, motor homes and freight vehicles

Network Compatibility

Network Bandwidth Coverage Gain
Telstra 4GX 700 MHz Yes 7 dBi
Telstra Next-G 850 MHz Yes 7 dBi
Telstra 4G 1800 MHz Yes 10 dBi
Telstra 3G (Metro) 2100 MHz Yes 10 dBi
Telstra 4G (Metro) 2600 MHz Yes 10 dBi
Optus 4G+ 700 MHz Yes 7 dBi
Optus 3G 900 MHz Yes 7 dBi
Optus 4G 1800 MHz Yes 10 dBi
Optus 3G (Metro) 2100 MHz Yes 10 dBi
Optus 4G TDD 2300 MHz Yes 10 dBi
Optus 4G (Metro) 2600 MHz Yes 10 dBi
Vodafone 4G+ 850 MHz Yes 7 dBi
Vodafone 3G 900 MHz Yes 7 dBi
Vodafone 4G 1800 MHz Yes 10 dBi
Vodafone 3G (Metro) 2100 MHz Yes 10 dBi

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range 698-960 MHz / 1710-2700 MHz
Input Impedance 50 Ω
Peak Gain 7 / 10 dBi
VSWR ≤3.0:1 / ≤2.0:1
Polarisation Vertical linear
Horizontal Beamwidth 360° (omnidirectional)
Vertical Beamwidth 20° / 7°
Maximum Input Power 50 W

Mechanical Specifications

Input Connector N Female
Cable Short cable tail
Lightning Protection DC Ground
Radiator Material Collinear copper elements
Radome Material White fibreglass
Mounting Choice of rail/deck/stainless steel deck
Dimensions Ø20 × 1250 mm
Weight 0.3 kg
Rated Wind Velocity 210 km/h
Operating Temperature -40 to +65°C

Download Specification Sheet

Blackhawk Marine High Gain Specification Sheet

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