Blackhawk 2×2 Hybrid Combiners 700-2700MHz

Hybrid Couplers are used to develop advanced RF transmission systems where interaction-free signal combining is required.

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2×2 combiners are typically used as a means of coupling signal from two mobile repeaters onto two cables.

Blackhawk’s 2×2 Hybrid Coupler is a highly effective repeater combiner that is commonly used to distribute two cellular services across two distribution feeder cables. The two input ports two repeaters to be combined across both outputs incurring only a -3 dB coupling loss. Having higher isolation and power handling than Power Dividers, 2×2 Hybrid Couplers are also used to feed two repeaters from a single donor antenna while protecting the performance of the repeater echo cancellation and gain control algorithms.


It Covers 4G frequencies from 700 to 2700 MHz
3 dB Coupling across two outputs (50:50%)
Low PIM -153 dBc
2x N Female input and 2x N Female output ports

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