Blackhawk Portable Telescopic Pole 5m Extended Height

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Introducing the Blackhawk range of masts and mounts. To help our valued network of Australia-wide installers, we’ve introduced a range of portable telescopic masts and tripods. If you’ve ever set up event WiFi you know how getting height quickly can be a pain! The Blackhawk portable telescopic pole is a perfect way to instantly achieve great communications anywhere. Constructed from lightweight anodised aluminium, the telescopic sections are modular by design, meaning we can provide 5.8 metres and 7.6-metre lengths.

  • Great for events and festivals
  • Perfect for field testing communications
  • Seven metre and higher designs available
  • Hand-portable, hand-raised design
  • Quick-release locking
  • Universal mounting spigot
  • Optional guy wire kit available for extra stability
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Blackhawk Portable Telescopic Pole 5.8m

Extended Length:5.8m
Retracted Length: 2.07m
Pole Sections:3
Pole Diameter Base:40mm
Pole Diameter Top:25mm
Product Weight:5kg
Support Weight:5kg

Blackhawk Portable Telescopic Pole 7.6m

Extended Length:7.6m
Retracted Length:2.28m
Pole Sections:4
Pole Diameter Base:50mm
Pole Diameter Top:25mm
Product Weight:8kg
Support Weight:5kg